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29th Mar 2021
to 29th Oct 2021

Age Range
All ages

Wood Carving Sculpture & Development of Nancy & Nellie Walking trail in Fore

The project Forest is the development of the woodland area on the looped walk St Fechin’s trail and the Nelly to Nancy walking loop.The looped walk in Fore attracts hundreds of people everyday and has been a critically important place of great beauty and safe walking during COVID. When restrictions lift, this area is a wonderful place of inspiration for artists and an important destination point for visitors that will drive the tourism economy.  

Part of the project is to hire a wood carver to create a piece of trailhead art using a wonderful piece of mature oak that is on the walk but required felling. The Wood carver will complete the carving, which will be chosen from a competition held within the schools, on site as far as practicable so that people doing the walk can see the artist at work.

This will be part of the wider Forest project that includes the following actions

  1. Create a set of activity packs with art and science components that deliver information about the natural heritage and encourage creativity and interaction with elements on the walk.
  2. Create a gallery area where artists and activity set users can display their work.
  3. The Family tree project- part of the action pack and a way to gather stories about families from the area linking back to the original folklore collection and encouraging children to use the vast online resources available to track their own heritage. The display boards will finished projects.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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