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Wrens of the Curragh

5th Oct 2019

Age Range
13 - 17

The Curragh

The Curragh

This project aims to develop a site-specific performance, entitled 'Wrens of the Curragh', which is to be performed live on the Curragh where the Wrens would have lived. The performance will feature local actors working from a script developed by visual artist Lisa Freeman, who will draw from local historical archives. Rather than creating a strict historical narrative, the script will sew together fragmentary pieces to create characters that are "in-between the past and present". Original music will be composed by Sarah Grimes, who will play the drums live during the performance alongside the actors.

This project will be developed in collaboration with the Riverbank Arts Centre, along with a number of local actors and professionals. Marketing and promotion of the event will be managed by the Riverbank, primarily targeting local people and groups. A shuttlebus will be arranged to transport attendees from the Riverbank to the Curragh, with a second bus to be arranged from Dublin to Kildare for those travelling from outside of the county.

The performances during the day will be filmed by Laura Sheehan, with photography by Daniel Reidy. The footage will then be edited at a later date to produce a documentary video, which can then be screened in gallery spaces. This will allow the event to live on past the live performances, reaching a wider audience and allowing the work to exist in other contexts.

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