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1st Nov 2020
to 20th Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages

You, Me and Those Before Me - Larkin Community College

Each year our Arts Development Programme produce a creative piece based around a central theme - usually this theme is based upon issues of citizenship or topics that have directly or indirectly impacted upon our student cohort.

In the last academic term our students, in conjunction with The Gaiety School of Acting and World Wise Global Schools, decided to investigate the ideals of 'Home,' what that notion really means to us and who indeed inhabits our home of Ireland. Through research, discussion and debate, students reached the stark conclusion that within our surrounding communities some of our more diverse cultural groups have found themselves marginalized. Students posited that there were many reasons for this; a lack of understanding in regards to other cultures, a lack of understanding in relation to why people choose Ireland to settle and a strong apprehension of how to integrate disenfranchised groups into the 'traditional' idea of Ireland. From these realisations the title of 'You, me and those that came before me' was born. 

Within this creative construct we aim to not only address the sometimes-overlooked fact that there are many misunderstood marginalized cultural groups within our community. They must be assimilated into our new vision of Ireland but also to remember and recognize that the Irish as a nation were historically people who relied upon emigration and the understanding of other nations to survive.  

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