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2nd Nov 2022

Age Range

Youth Alive Art, Culture and Music Workshop/Festival

Youth Alive is a creative youth Project organised by Africa United Galway and it is aimed at enabling and promoting the creative potential of Young people. The Workshop/festival is geared toward enabling the youth through participation and empowerment in building their capacity for creativity and enabling them to improve themselves as well as others within their environment. The aim of this project is to increase opportunities for activity and participation around creativity in an out-of-school setting. We want to create an environment where knowledge and creativity are equal partners in the formation of our young people, giving them the opportunity to realise their potential as well as giving them an opportunity to become empowered, creative active citizens.  Africa United Galway aims to reach the disadvantaged or those youth who are hard to reach and seldom heard.These will be achieved through these avenues:

Art Exhibitions and cultural Displays

Exhibitions, Music and Literature(spoken word or poetry, books).


Group Mentorship sessions with guest speakers, Showcasing young people excelling in the community and Physical/mental health sessions/talks.

A showcasing fair:

Skills and Talents exhibition

Young entrepreneurs /innovators: Starting a business


Guest music artists presentation.

Games and Gifts presentations

Presented as a form of encouragement and appreciation.

Refreshments Light refreshment cooked in a certified kitchen served.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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