Science Opera Louth for All (SOLFA)

Dundalk Institute of Technology
Carroll Building
Marshes Upper
Co. Louth
Free Event
Training & Skills
Music/Spoken Word
Target Audience

This project involves a series of workshops related to the methodology of writing a 'science opera' at Dundalk Institute of Technology. Facilitated by the Global Science Opera Coordinator from Norway, the project includes CPD for teachers and workshops for students in County Louth.        

The Global Science Opera is an international, educational initiative, trans-disciplinary between the fields of arts and science. It uses a methodology which builds on the participants' curiosities around a scientific theme. It uses an inquiry-based science education model, whereby participants learn by doing in a democratic manner. Combining the arts into science education offers a more holistic experience of the topic at hand. 

WASO (Write a Science Opera) has been used to great success internationally as a means to teach science education to children in schools within the framework of STEAM education.

DkIT is part of a European network of teachers and students working on devising innovative and creative teaching tools for teachers to use in the classroom to make the teaching of science more relevant and interesting. Building on this capacity, DkIT is hosting a series of workshops for teachers and students using the WASO pedagogical framework.