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Ages and Stages

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Ages and Stages

3 min read


Ages and Stages

Ages and Stages was a Cavan Age Friendly project produced with Cavan Older People’s Council who worked closely with an experienced theatre practitioner through a series of creative workshops to write and direct a new piece of theatre. A truly Age Friendly approach was taken with the voice of the older person present throughout, and the resulting drama written, performed and attended by older people at the Town Hall Theatre, Cavan.

The project challenged the participants, many of whom had little or no drama or script writing experience, while providing a very rewarding journey. It supported a collective desire by older people to remember, share, and connect, and to create new work for showcasing to an audience, including families, friends and the wider community.

Maura Williamson, facilitator of the project

""I saw people leave their troubles outside the door, and engage in creative writing, acting, rehearsals and the entire process of theatre from pen to page to stages. Those not new to the process found this space to produce new writing, develop their acting and stage skills. Those new, found the trust and support within this group to explore, present their own new writing, acting, and performing and did this in a very professional way. Commitment, dedication, openness to creative process, pure fun, and laughter were the true ingredients of this project. The incredible strength and teamwork were tested when we lost some of our actors, but this group dug deep to an inner space and rose up to take this challenge in a very professional way even exploring new ways and strengths they never knew they had.""

Ages and Stages Participant

""I welcomed the opportunity to document some of my lived experiences in script form. Stage is a brilliant format especially when backed by professionals and adequate funding. Hopefully we have changed a few perceptions around ageing positively. I look forward to repeating this life affirming experience.""

The final production of 2023 was performed to a packed audience, with numerous requests for it to be taken on the road. There are now plans to do just that with further performances to be held in a range of community venues and nursing homes where this hugely successful production can be brought to those hard to reach and where isolated older people will benefit from its delivery.

You can find out more about projects delivered by Creative Cavan which are made possible by funding through the Creative Ireland Programme and Cavan County Council by visiting Creative Cavan 2023 – Cavan County Libraries (

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