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Bettina Seitz – Ancestors

3 min read

Bettina Seitz – Ancestors

3 min read


Bettina Seitz – Ancestors

Creativity and Innovation. Inspiring Environment and Unique Heritage. Using the environment as a gallery, visual artist Bettina Seitz has created an atmospheric sculptural exhibition on Sligo's uninhabited Oyster Island.

You hear it first, the sound of the sea crashing against the shore, the screech of seagulls calling, the wind picking up the fractured sound of children laughing. You taste it too, the salty tang of the misty air. Then you see her, a ghost like figure, standing at a doorway of a stone-grey dwelling.

This haunting shadow is part of a sculptural exhibition, created by visual artist, Bettina Seitz, in collaboration with videographers, Fionn Rogers and Peter Martin. The project takes place on the uninhabited Oyster Island, a stretch of land off the coast of County Sligo.

Using the environment as a gallery, Bettina has created an atmospheric impression of the daily lives of lighthouse keepers and their families, who are seen as ghost-like, life-size figures.


Beautiful work, with great depth. Haunting lone figures

Absolutely extraordinary. The words stunning and atmospheric do not suffice.

Abandoned and abandonment, lost souls endlessly waiting. There is a strong sense these incredible pieces hold the names and faces of those we’ve lost and have gone before.

The photography, sound, lighting and exemplary sculpture pieces touch our very core. You can’t help but be moved by each film.

Thank you for sharing the footage and I’m wishing you success with this exhibition.

The soundscape is hauntingly evocative.

Beautifully shot and perfect sound scape for the sculpted woman at her toil.

By creating an awareness of County Sligo’s dramatic landscape and cultural heritage, Bettina draws attention to our current challenges of Climate Change and questions our need to readdress our relationship with the natural world if we want a more sustainable existence.

The exhibition is broken up into five chapters, each combined with a sound and visual portrait, renewing a curiosity and appreciation of our history, heritage and our interdependence with the natural world.


View Bettina’s work on the Tread Softly website and social media platforms.

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