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Creativity during Covid: Start A New Story with Libraries Ireland this winter

4 min read

Creativity during Covid: Start A New Story with Libraries Ireland this winter

4 min read


Creativity during Covid: Start A New Story with Libraries Ireland this winter

Creative Ireland and Libraries Ireland are encouraging everyone to start a new story this winter and use reading as a way to improve creative wellbeing, unwind and de-stress.

While also celebrating the wealth of Irish fiction, Ireland’s avid readers can also enjoy Libraries Ireland’s extensive online library services still currently available including Borrow Box, e-books and audiobooks services. The idea is ‘flash fiction’ using titles of books by Irish writers like Roddy Doyle, Marion Keyes and others to generate a new story, like a haiku.

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Each of the titles, available from libraries, works side by side with another to create a piece of flash fiction. For example, four titles that create a new story include Milkman. The Mammy. A Modest Proposal. The Snapper. Or how about a romantic twist This Charming Man. Promising Young Women. Under The Hawthorn Tree. PS. I Love You. Not to mention the unexpected plot twist from these four titles Peig. When All Is Said. A Greyhound Of A Girl. Under The Duvet. A diverse range of Ireland’s writers , from classic writers to new talents, authors featured in the campaign include Flann O’Brien, Emma Dabiri, Vicky Phelan, Roddy Doyle, John Boyne and Sally Rooney.

You’ll see these flash fictions on TV as part of RTE’s Supporting the Arts as well as outdoor locations in Dublin city and Donegal throughout November.

Public libraries around Ireland are at the heart of Creative Ireland’s ongoing work in bringing accessible creativity into local communities with a host of current projects and events happening through local libraries oacross the country. Recently, the Diaries of the Kildare Covid-19 Notebook Project from Kildare Libraries captured lockdown memories among older people during the pandemic to create a permanent archive, while community podcasting has become available at various libraries including Waterford and Dublin.

Start A New Story at or at your local library now. Create your own book title story online by using #StartANewStory and tag @creativeIrl

Read about how Roddy Doyle’s incredible Fighting Words has used Irish libraries to expand the joys of creative writing to young people across Ireland. 

We explore how Meath Writer-in-Residence Nicola Cassidy, is working with emerging writers and schools in her county through the library service. 

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