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DesignWorks: Innovative Project Celebrates Business, Design and Art

DesignWorks, a first-of-its-kind initiative run by IDA Ireland and Local Enterprise Office Galway, explores a new way of celebrating design.

Five leading Galway companies have been paired with creators, makers and designers to create five unique pieces of arts that celebrate the respective company’s design processes. Through these art pieces, a unique collaboration between the internal processes of the corporate world and the creative world will be founded.

Supported and funded through Creative Ireland and Galway County Council, the initiative brings together five renowned creatives including award-winning scarf designer Niamh Daniels who is working with Genesys and artist Tommy Carew who is finding inspiration at Mathworks. Additionally, ceramics designer Tatiana Dobos has travelled her creative journey with MetLife, artist Eva Lynch has worked alongside Smartbear and Finbar McHugh is exploring the design process at EA Games.

As part of the project, Tatiana Dobos, a ceramics artist from Galway, has created a stunning piece of art which has been unveiled at MetLife’s city centre offices. Tatiana spoke about how this project had changed the way in which she will approach her work in future. “I will significantly change my design process after this project. It had previously been more intuitive but now will be a little more structured. The work expresses time and the connected nature of all of the internal processes in the company.”

The bespoke partnership between the IDA, Creative Ireland and Galway City Council was created to support makers and designers, allowing them to develop their businesses by providing them with the opportunity to create and produce art outside of their typical scope. The collaboration will see artists working with companies in Galway to inspire the artists and workforce to think outside the box.

Tania Banotti, Director Creative Ireland spoke about their support for the creative industries. “We believe that participating in creative activities increases people’s wellbeing, individually and collectively. We have an ambitious plan for the creative and design industries. This project brings together these agencies and really good businesses in Galway, it’s what we are all about.”

The exhibition runs through November 21st at the Portershed, Galway. For more information on DesignWorks, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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