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Exploring Legends & Myths

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Exploring Legends & Myths

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Exploring Legends & Myths

Storytelling is one of the simplest and most compelling forms of dramatic and imaginative activity which enables communities to create and recreate imagined worlds together.

In May 2022, engaging a group of 12 young people from ethnic minority backgrounds, including young people living in Direct Provision and young people from the Irish community, drama teacher and writer Eve Li and Artist Leanne McLaughlin set out on a shared exploration of storytelling, drama and art.

Leading the cultural exchange, young people chose the stories shared, created performances, and painted visual responses as a backdrop to performances. The event was recorded, and stories showcased online for Cruinniú na nÓg 2022.

This Creative Ireland event saw young people aged 12-18 participate in a fun interactive 2 day workshop at Letterkenny Community Centre in which they explored heroes, villains, gods, goddesses and creatures from important myths and legends from their own cultural backgrounds. It also provided an important opportunity for forging friendships, exchanging ideas, and tasting food from a range of ethnic backgrounds.

Donegal’s Culture and Creativity Strategy values collaboration, communication, community, participation, inclusivity and empowerment and this project embodies them all. Our combined heritage creates a sense of place, reaffirms our sense of identity, reinforces the character of our towns and villages and engages people of all ages. This is particularly true when integrating new communities in our towns and villages where commonalities should be embraced.

This event also reflects actions as set out in the Black and Minority Ethnic Inclusion Strategy for County Donegal 2021-2026 which seeks to support and enable interaction and meaningful engagement between communities. By using creativity and culture Creative Ireland has enabled new and existing communities to engage, support and build relationships with young people from diverse backgrounds, promoting a shared sense of place.

Exploring Legends & Myths Through Storytelling, Drama and Art Cruinniú na nÓg 2022

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