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2019-2020 Fulbright-Creative Ireland Fellows


Fulbright-Creative Ireland Programme Fellows 2019-2020 announced

From art history and prehistoric societies to women’s suffrage, the second-ever Fulbright-Creative Ireland Programme Fellows have been announced.

The three Fellows were among 36 talented Fulbright Irish Awardees presented with awards at a Dublin Castle ceremony this month.

Academics, professionals and students from 13 Higher Education Institutions and organisations in Ireland will go to 30 leading U.S. institutions to study and collaborate with experts in their fields. This year’s Fulbright recipients are from diverse disciplines spanning technology, science, language, medicine and the arts. Celebrating diversity across topics, geography and backgrounds, increased funding from both the Irish and U.S. Governments has allowed the Fulbright Commission in Ireland to support a wider range and number of exciting study and research awardees than ever before.

The Fulbright-Creative Ireland Programme Fellows 2019-2020 are Ms Maeve CasserlyMs Patricia Kenny and Mr Fernando Sanchez-Migallon Cano.

Fulbright Student Awardee from UCD to the Harry Ransom Center, Maeve Casserly is a PhD candidate in the School of History, UCD and has an MPhil. in Public History and Cultural Heritage from TCD. Her doctoral research is on public engagement with history through commemorations during the Irish Decade of Centenaries. Her main focus is on engagement with women’s history during 2016-2018. Maeve’s research is informed by her work as a heritage practitioner – she is the current Dublin City Council Historian-in-Residence and works in the National Library of Ireland. As a Fulbright-Creative Ireland Programme Fellow, and to mark the US centenary of women’s suffrage in 2020 she will research and lead public engagement with the rich collections of the Harry Ransom Center, Austin, Texas.

A second year PhD candidate in UCD, Patricia Kenny is the Fulbright Student Awardee from UCD to the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. Her current research, funded by the Irish Research Council, and the National University of Ireland Travelling Studentship prize, focuses upon the use of unusual stone in European prehistoric societies. As a recipient of a Fulbright-Creative Ireland Programme Museum Fellowship, she will research this topic on an international scale at the Smithsonian Institution’s Department of Anthropology.

A second-year Government of Ireland Irish Research Council doctoral scholar at TCD, Fernando Sanchez-Migallon Cano is the Fulbright Student Awardee from TCD to Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. His major field of research is art history and its application to museum studies focusing on the socio-cultural impact of exhibition making. As a Fulbright-Creative Ireland Programme Museum Fellow, he will conduct research at the Office of International Relationships, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. Fernando will examine the role of museums and cultural programmes in the construction and dissemination of knowledge.

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