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DesignWorks, Galway City


Designworks Galway

Designworks Galway innovative project celebrates Business, Design and Art. This project brings five leading Galway companies which was paired with five creators, makers and designers, to completely change how we think about the design process.

Five unique art pieces have been created.  Award-winning scarf designer Niamh Daniels was inspired by Genesys, artist Tommy Carew crafted a piece from wood for Mathworks, ceramic designer Tatiana Dobos  took a creative journey with MetLife, artist Eva Lynch sat down with Smartbear to create a sculpture and Finbar McHugh explored the world of online game design at EA Games.

IDA Ireland’s Acting Regional Business Development Manager for the West Region, Ricky Conneely said “We are delighted to partner with the Local Enterprise Office in Galway, Galway City Council and Creative Ireland in facilitating this pilot project that pair local designers with IDA client companies in Galway.  It’s an excellent initiative that offers the opportunity for new synergies to be created between the West’s strong creative sector and it’s equally strong business sector”  The collaboration between industry and the artist will form a unique approach.  Large crowds attended the launch for DesignWorks, Galway.


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