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Get Together

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Get Together

3 min read


Get Together

In 2023 Kildare’s Culture & Creativity Team issued an open call for projects that championed creative cultural engagement, social inclusion, and community wellbeing. Over a dozen projects were awarded bursaries, including “Get Together” – a creative exchange between professional artists and people with down syndrome.

Curated by professional musician Kasia Eliasz, “Get Together” brought together people with down syndrome and established artists to explore creative dance, drama, visual arts, and music. Participants learned dance moves from multiple cultures, created new songs and soundscapes, and awakened all their senses through a series of eight workshops in Sallins Community Hall.

The goal of “Get Together” was to provide opportunities for individuals with Down Syndrome to engage in artistic expression, and to promote inclusivity and diversity within the arts community.

Local artists of multiple nationalities and backgrounds led the workshops, leading to powerful connections between both artists and the wider community.

Kasia, project coordinator

"As a Polish national creating a project with people with Down Syndrome, it is important that I am also able to connect to other minority groups. It is still not yet very common for migrants to collaborate in Ireland with people with intellectual disabilities. And it is important to celebrate our multicultural society - allowing not only people with Down Syndrome to access the arts but also the artists to work with people with complex needs, to create intercultural spaces and possibilities, as acknowledging diversity can lead to a sense of solidarity."

Through the series of workshops, the artists and participants were able to learn from one another; together they shared ideas and techniques, experimenting and improvising to discover new realms of creativity and innovation.

Sinead, participant

"I really enjoyed this course, I think its brilliant. Literally for a variety of reasons because you’re getting your exercise, you’re talking to people, and it’s just brilliant. There’s so many things I want to say how good it is, my mind just can’t get everything all out! But the whole point is, I really just think it’s great fun, and you kind of learn more about yourself through it as well."

Curator Kasia Eliasz both organised the workshop series as well as a documentary film chronicling the participants’ journey. Watch the film here:

The participants and artists are now building upon their workshop experience in “Get Together” with the launch of Purple Door – a new inclusive performing arts company with big plans for 2025 and beyond! Check out Purple Door’s promo video at

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