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Knitted Together

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Knitted Together

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Knitted Together

In 2020 Kilkenny County Council Arts Office initiated a blanket project ‘Knitted Together’ to help Elkana Charity, a children’s charity in South Africa and to support a number of local charities. The project hugely supported a number of individual and communities across the county and beyond to get back to knitting and crocheting. It gave all involved a great sense of joy and purpose to be part of such a creative and worthwhile endeavour during such trying times.

The Elkana charity has very strong connections to Kilkenny, and so is very dear to our hearts. A magnificent municipal building named ‘Kilkenny Hall’ stands in the middle of one of Africa’s largest townships today and the charity works to transform the lives of women and children. An incredible difference has been made so far but this project provided the opportunity for others to be creative and get involved in further supporting and helping women and children.

Knitted Together Project

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People saw that they too could make a difference and have a positive impact on their lives one square at a time. So, with a little motivation and a lot of love over 180 people took to their knitting and crocheting to produce beautiful blankets.




This project was initiated and managed by Kilkenny County Council Arts Office as part of Kilkenny County Council’s community wellbeing initiative, supported by Creative Ireland.

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