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Le Chéile Óna Chéile

2 min read

Le Chéile Óna Chéile

2 min read


Le Chéile Óna Chéile

On a sunny weekend at the end of March 2020, 41 children from Airc Damhsa Dance Club became collective choreographers and film makers for a unique Creative Ireland Project.

While everyone in Ireland was being asked to keep their distance, the young dancers performed together but apart in their favourite place within 2km of their home to the music of the Bothy Band.

The collection of clips from Leitrim, Sligo, Roscommon, Mayo, Fermanagh, Longford and New York, was woven together to become a shared expression of joy and celebration.

Airc Damhsa - Le Chéile Óna Chéile

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