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Magnetise Leitrim



Magnetise, A Call for Home, is an intergenerational performance project.

It is a collaboration between six internationally based professional dance artists and two local community groups, WILL (Women Living Independently in Leitrim) and Creative Current Youth Dance.

The original basis of the project combined community workshops with professional development and involved local and international collaborators. In reaction to the current Covid-19 pandemic the project Magnetise has changed in a way that could not have been imagined. Magnetise has gradually been finding a way towards a reimagined project. Keeping creative and keeping connected has become to feel vital.

Many exciting potentials have emerged with the exploration of a new online approach. As a group of six professionals, three community youth dancers and three adult community performers who are wheelchair users, now, in this online field, the sense of equal agency feels even stronger. Equality between different bodies, ages and between performance experience.

The group finds themselves now framed in a screen together with similar limitations as well as ever expanding possibilities. A visual world that we can begin to play with in many new directions, adding the possibility of animating objects, shifting between ourselves and recorded images, creating new and imagined contexts in which we appear in the live online realm.

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