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Map Irish Design project explores the role of design in shaping Irish society

3 min read

Map Irish Design project explores the role of design in shaping Irish society

3 min read


Map Irish Design project explores the role of design in shaping Irish society

A landmark new research project, Map Irish Design, has been launched by the 100 Archive which shows the impact of design on Irish life, culture and society in the last decade.

Map Irish Design examines more than 2300 design projects gathered since 2010 for inclusion in the 100 Archive – an online archive of contemporary Irish communication design which has, through annual open calls, gathered exemplary design projects from designers in Ireland and Irish designers overseas.

Funded by the Creative Ireland Programme, Map Irish Design sought to look more closely at these projects and their associated data to build a comprehensive picture of contemporary communications design in Ireland. This rich digital resource is available to view at

Introducing Map Irish Design

Open Video

Work spans the broad discipline of communication design, which includes things such as design for print, digital and web design, typography, wayfinding and signage, packaging, identity and branding, editorial design, motion design and more.

Hundreds of designers in Ireland and Irish designers overseas submit their work for consideration for the 100 Archive each year, with design work being produced in studios all over the country and by Irish designers in cities such as London, New York, Amsterdam, Oslo and other far flung locations.

Speaking about Map Irish Design, Aideen McCole who led the project for 100 Archive says,

“While the 100 Archive has been gathering this material since 2012, we have never had the time or resources to really look at it and see what it says about the design industry in Ireland and the impact it has on business, culture and society in this country. Design completely surrounds us, such as the coffee cups we drink out of, the websites we visit, the shopfronts we pass by and the signs which help us navigate our towns and cities.

The design process shapes a significant amount of the fabricated world and the work of communication designers contributes much of our visual landscape and material culture. From the tiny details on a postage stamp to a campaign seen on banners, billboards and buses across the country, the 100 Archive reflects just how much design affects us everyday.”

Map Irish Design was funded by the Creative Ireland Programme through its National Creativity Fund. Director of the Creative Ireland Programme, Tania Banotti, says:

“Design in all its many iterations is integrated so firmly into our daily lives that we are often oblivious to it, however great design always stands out. It captures our imagination, changes thinking and behaviour and sets a standard for others to follow. Creative Ireland is delighted to support Map Irish Design. Not only does it shine a light on Ireland’s extraordinary design community, it celebrates their work and will provide inspiration for future generations of designers and makers.”

Visit Map Irish Design here to explore this incredible creative snapshot.

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