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"See You In The Green" Dance Piece Reconnects Us With Our Memories

3 min read

"See You In The Green" Dance Piece Reconnects Us With Our Memories

3 min read


"See You In The Green" Dance Piece Reconnects Us With Our Memories

See You in the Green is a new contemporary dance piece connecting the memories we have, making us reflect on the past or the present situation we are living in. The project was completed after choreographer and dancer, Mintesinot Wolde, completed a three month residency at Roscommon Arts Centre.

Commenting on the project, Mintesinot Wolde said,” ‘See You In The Green’ dance piece was finalised at the Roscommon Art Centre in December 2020 when lockdown restrictions were reduced. Roscommon Art Centre provided a beautiful space and resources, and the support from Creative Ireland and Roscommon County Council allowed me to have the time to finalise the dance piece, to bring my thoughts and visions of the dance piece to life. Additionally, the support opened opportunities to collaborate with local and international artists who worked in different professions in the project such as independent film maker, dancers, musicians, singers, and a light designer.

See You In The Green

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Although the lockdown measures brought challenges but helped me to create a different and effective way to work with the cast remotely. I worked with the production manager and with the cast members remotely on daily Zoom calls with musicians and singers; and initially with the dancers to share my thoughts, plans, and ideas on my vision of the dance piece and what element I am looking for from each artist to play their part in the project. Ultimately, it was a challenging process but a blessing to have the support to be able to create and finalise the dance piece in these uncertain times.”

Mintesinot is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, teacher and member of Dance Ireland. He has a Masters (first-class honours) in Contemporary Dance Performance from the Irish World Academy of Music & Dance at the University of Limerick and has worked on numerous performances with notable Irish dance choreographers. Now based in Roscommon Mintesinot has established his own company.

This screen dance project supported is supported by Roscommon Arts Centre, Creative Ireland Roscommon, Roscommon County Council. Initial creation of the dance piece was supported by Dance Ireland, Galway Dance project and Shawbrook.

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