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SEEK Urban Art Festival

SEEK is a contemporary urban arts festival, centred around promoting visual arts in Dundalk. This annual festival launched in 2019 and celebrates the history and personalities of Dundalk. This year for the third year running, Dundalk became a hive of activity with murals being created by a range of Irish and international street artists.

The festival was brought to new heights this summer, bringing iconic figures to life from Dundalk’s rich history. The Crowne Plaza Hotel was the blank canvas for what is the tallest mural in Ireland. Painted by Australian artist Sam Bates aka Smug One, it depicts the warrior God Lugh (Lú).

The story behind the artwork helps with both telling Dundalk’s story and connecting people to our heritage. The impressive murals highlight the important influence art can have in the public domain, its role as a catalyst for change, helping reinvigorate and refresh some of our town centre spaces.

In addition to the murals, in 2021 as part of the extended festival, mentoring and training programmes were offered to Transition Year and 5th year students who are considering careers in the creative industries, to allow them access to professional artists and cultural events coordinators.

Another extra element to the SEEK Festival, and to celebrate its first three years, is the development of a book commemorating the achievements – featuring photographs of the wall murals, interviews with the artists, and essays on the local historical individuals depicted in the murals.

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