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Techinee Nawaing (19) from Athlone, who stars in a brand-new documentary ‘Waking the Muse’.


Waking the Muse: Junk Kouture & the Creative Ireland Programme

4 min read

Waking the Muse: Junk Kouture & the Creative Ireland Programme

4 min read


Waking the Muse: Junk Kouture & the Creative Ireland Programme

A documentary by Seán Treacy and Órla Morris Toolen, the world premiere of 'Waking the Muse' takes place in the Savoy Cinema, Dublin on Thursday 28th October. Viewers can also watch the documentary on RTÉ2 at 4.05pm on Saturday 30th October.

Meet Techinee Nawaing, Cian Newman, and Niamh Porter, three young creatives who joined the Junk Kouture community while in secondary school in Ireland and who have gone on to pursue their passion for art, fashion and design after their participation in the competition. They are the subjects of a brand-new documentary, commissioned by the Creative Ireland Programme and Junk Kouture, ‘Waking the Muse’, with young award-winning Irish filmmaker Seán Treacy (17) and Junk Kouture Production Coordinator Órla Morris Toolen (21) acting as co-directors and producers.

The documentary, which has its World Premiere in the Savoy Cinema in Dublin on Thursday 28th October and airs on RTÉ2 at 4.05pm on Saturday 30th October, follows 19-year-old Techinee – known as New – from Athlone, Cian (20) from Dublin and Niamh (24) from Donegal as they are challenged to work together to design, source and create a unique design to be modelled in New York for Climate Week NYC during which Junk Kouture was the Sustainable Living partner this year. The three designers are guided by Junk Kouture judge and successful fashion designer Stephen McLaughlin as they demonstrate what it takes to produce a Junk Kouture masterpiece.

"The world premiere of ‘Waking the Muse’ takes place in the Savoy Cinema 28th October, it will also be aired on 30th October on RTÉ2 at 4.05pm"

Illustrating that Junk Kouture is much more than just a competition, ‘Waking the Muse’ will allow viewers to learn more about what inspired these past participants to become involved in Junk Kouture in the first place and what they gained from their experience. It will explore the positive effects on mental health a community like Junk Kouture can have for the individual, the opportunities that lie ahead for anyone who takes part, and how this is a platform for young people to express themselves freely, while embracing sustainable habits and becoming the changemakers of our world.

Throughout the documentary, each designer shares their story of what Junk Kouture meant for them. New joined Transition Year in Our Lady’s Bower in Athlone when she moved to Ireland from Thailand. At the time New had very little English but, encouraged by her art teacher, she became involved in Junk Kouture where she not only exhibited her creative brilliance but made new friends and improved her command of English. Past pupil of St Aiden’s CBS Whitehall and NCAD student Cian took the honour of being the first entrant of Junk Kouture from an All-Boys school, while for Niamh it brought her from the art room in Deele College, Raphoe to New York City, assisting on designs for Michelle Obama and actress Zendaya.

The world premiere of ‘Waking the Muse’, supported by the Creative Ireland Programme will take place in the Savoy Cinema on O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 on Thursday 28th October 2021. The documentary will also be aired by RTÉ on Saturday 30th October on RTÉ2 at 4.05pm. The Creative Ireland Programme is an initiative by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media which aims to support and develop engagement with and in arts, culture and creativity by individuals and communities, thereby enriching individual and community well-being, as well as promoting Ireland’s arts and culture globally.

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