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Our Programme

Central to our vision is the belief that participation in cultural and creative activities promotes the wellbeing of the individual, the community and the nation.

When we began we identified 5 key pillars:

1. Enabling the Creative Potential of Every Child

Creative Youth creates opportunities for children and young people to realise their creative potential. Working within and outside of the formal education system, we support their learning, self-expression and personal development through participation in cultural and creative activities.

2. Enabling Creativity in Every Community

Creative Communities is a local authority-led initiative which pioneers and supports creative collaborations and local cross-sectoral projects in arts, heritage, local history, STEAM and the creative industries. In the first two years of the Programme, we supported over 2,500 creative initiatives across the country.

3. Investing in our Creative and Cultural Infrastructure 

Creative Places will see a capital investment of €1.2bn in cultural infrastructure in Ireland over ten years, as part of Project Ireland 2040. Investing in our Culture, Language and Heritage 2018 – 2027 was announced under the Creative Ireland Programme in April 2018 at the newly refurbished Shaw Room at the National Gallery, Dublin.

4. Ireland as a Centre of Excellence in Audiovisual Production

In the first year of the Programme, Creative Ireland identified the audio-visual sector as a priority for strategic investment. Following the publication of the government’s first Audio-Visual Action Plan in June 2018, an additional €200 million in funds for Screen Ireland was announced over the next 10 years.

Implementation of the Audiovisual Action Plan is overseen by a working group chaired by the Department of Culture with representatives from Screen Ireland, Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation, the Department of Communications, IDA, Department of Finance, Department of Education and the BAI.

5. Unifying our Global Reputation.

The Creative Ireland Programme informed and contributed to the development of the government’s Global Ireland 2025 initiative, ensuring that Irish culture and creativity is recognised as a vital asset in building Ireland’s reputation and influence abroad. Culture Ireland promotes Irish arts worldwide. It supports Irish artists and companies to present and promote their work internationally.

Creative Nation recognises and values the unique contribution of Irish culture and creativity to our global reputation and influence in the world. We support and contribute to cross-agency collaboration which seeks to position culture and creativity at the centre of our international relations.

Creative People advocates and promotes investment and recognition of Irish creative excellence as well as innovation in our creative industries. We work with state agencies, other departments, individuals, organisations to develop policy and foster new collaborations.

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