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Clare Farmers Weaving Stories Together

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Clare Farmers Weaving Stories Together

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Clare Farmers Weaving Stories Together

During 2023, in a bid to celebrate the rich agricultural heritage of County Clare, the "Clare Farmers Weaving Stories Together" project, spearheaded by Healthy Clare and funded by Creative Ireland as part of the Creativity in Older Age scheme, embarked on a journey to capture the essence of farming life across the region.

The discussions were facilitated by oral heritage group Cuimhneamh an Chláir (Clare’s Memories). Local farmers collaborated to recount their experiences, offering a glimpse into the evolution of farming practices and the aspirations that shape the future of agriculture. These sessions, were then captured by a skilled graphic recorder and videographer, allowing for the preservation of narratives that resonate deeply with Clare’s agricultural identity.

Each session, spanning two hours, was structured into 30-minute intervals dedicated to exploring the past, present, and future of farming. Participants also enjoyed refreshments, fostering community connections and facilitating further chat.

Following the conclusion of sessions at each mart area, the anecdotes gathered were compiled into a comprehensive booklet together with the images from the graphic recording. This collective memoir, titled “Clare’s Farmers Weaving Stories Together,” was launched at Glór, Ennis in November 2023.

People from farming communities across Clare gathered at Glór to celebrate and reflect upon Clare’s agricultural heritage. The printed booklets were distributed throughout the county in Libraries, Resource and Community centres.

The “Clare Farmers Weaving Stories Together” project is a testament to the power of collective storytelling, preserving the cherished heritage of Clare’s farming community for generations to come.

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