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Creative Climate Action: Creative Climate Action Crumlin

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Creative Climate Action: Creative Climate Action Crumlin

2 min read


Creative Climate Action: Creative Climate Action Crumlin

With the aim of changing the behavioural trends of 3,000 residents in Crumlin on Dublin’s southside, Creative Climate Action Crumlin is a broad and ambitious project being funded by Creative Ireland through its Creative Climate Action fund, one of 15 such projects around the country.

The project, which is an initiative of Crumlin Community Clean Up and Dublin City Council’s Arts Office, began its introductory workshops in September 2021, before launching in November.

Starting in early 2022, Creative Climate Action Crumlin will take the form of a series of events, engagements, and collaborations between a network of climate scientists, artists in residence and community groups. These events will create a repertoire of ideas about addressing climate change for the community to consider, deconstruct, refine, rebuild, and implement.

Creative Climate Action Crumlin

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The project features two artists-in-residence, Aoife Raleigh, a multi-disciplinary award-winning circus artist, producer and facilitator; and Niamh Shaw, a writer, performer, engineer and scientist who was recently voted one of Ireland’s leading science communicators and STEAM specialists. Amongst the local groups who are involved alongside Crumlin Community Clean Up are Positive Action Crumlin, and St Agnes’ Community Centre for Music and the Arts, which will create connection with the residents of Crumlin, encompassing the area between St Mary’s Road, St Agnes Road, Kimmage Road West, Lower Kimmage, Clogher Road and Parnell Road.

Beyond Crumlin, it is hoped the project will create a scalable model for local level change and action to fight climate change by developing creative and innovative paths towards environmental change.

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Creative Climate Action Crumlin

Crumlin Community Clean-Up

Dublin City Council Arts Office

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