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Creative Climate Action: Repair Acts, Ireland

2 min read

Creative Climate Action: Repair Acts, Ireland

2 min read


Creative Climate Action: Repair Acts, Ireland

Repair Acts, Ireland is a collaborative exploration of what artist and researcher Teresa Dillon calls “repair cultures” and their role in consumption, consumerism, and recycling of materials. Repair Acts, Ireland builds on an existing international practice-based research programme that explores repair cultures in a pluralistic and collective manner, of which Dillon leads and co-founded.

The project is one of 15 funded by Creative Ireland through its €2 million Creative Climate Action fund, the purpose of which is to create real and meaningful changes in the behaviours of the communities in which the projects are embedded.

What is repair culture? 

Repair Acts, Ireland sees Dillon collaborating with Dr. Alma Clavin, an academic and social scientist at UCD School of Geography and Westmeath County Council, to explore the concept of repair culture. Repair culture in late capitalism has become dormant, if not dead, as everyday objects are becoming either so complex as to render repair impossible, or simply disposable and cheaper to replace than to repair or maintain.

Partnering with Westmeath County Council Heritage Office and Public Participation Network, the project focuses on three locations: Kilbeggan and the surrounding area and the town centres of Mullingar and Athlone.

Documenting repair processes

Repair Acts, Ireland wants to gather 1,000 repair objects through intergenerational events, storytelling, online submissions, and archival research, and detail their repair processes and histories. Using a mixture of artistic and applied research methodologies — including storytelling, data visualisation, speculative design, performance, and digital placemaking — the project will scope out the future of a revived repair culture and tools for how the community can contribute to it.

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Repair Acts

Teresa Dillon

School of Geography, UCD

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