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Creative Climate Action: Stories of Change

3 min read

Creative Climate Action: Stories of Change

3 min read


Creative Climate Action: Stories of Change

Celebrating and showcasing good people in Ireland doing good things for earth care, people care, and fair share, Stories of Change creatively engages communities on the topic of climate action via the sharing of food, stories, and through the use of visual art, to promote feasible, local, and practical solutions to the climate crisis.

One of 15 projects from all around the country that are being funded by Creative Ireland through its €2 million Creative Climate Action fund, in 2022 the Stories of Change team of environmental educators, sustainable chefs and professional photographers will tour Donegal, Kerry, Clare and Galway with its five project partners – Burrenbeo Trust, Leave No Trace, Climate Ambassador, Artlink, and Sea Synergy.

Their mission is to bring the community together to showcase local solutions to the climate crisis. This will be done through a series of visual art/photo exhibitions showing solutions inspired by local climate legends, environmental workshops led by local groups, and communal feasting to promote and support local produce. 

Stories of Change will also create a documentary film for use as an inspiring educational resource; an ‘I Am the Change’ tool that encourages individuals and groups to submit their own stories of change; a Food for Change ebook that promotes local producers and catalogues sustainable, seasonal, local recipes; as well as a dedicated project website and Instagram feed to showcase stories to communities outside of the four target counties.

Intent on flipping the script and changing the dystopian climate change narrative away from doom and destruction, Stories of Change will bring stories and solutions to the table as a catalyst to inspire real climate action.

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