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Kinia delivering Creative Tech opportunities to Connemara and the Islands

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Kinia delivering Creative Tech opportunities to Connemara and the Islands

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Kinia delivering Creative Tech opportunities to Connemara and the Islands

In partnership with Kinia, Creative Ireland sponsors creative technology training for youth workers, youth work volunteers, and other educators who work with young people.

Kinia programmes are delivered bilingually. Creative Ireland fund programmes that are delivered in English, and The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media fund programmes that are delivered as Gaeilge. We want all young people in Ireland to confidently create their future.


Kinia offers training in mobile filmmaking, podcasting, coding, robotics and STEAM circuits. Paul Amond, Programme Development Lead with Kinia, worked with young people in Carlow Regional Youth Services for 12 years before joining Kinia. Paul explains the value and importance of creative technology for developing future focussed skills within young people.


“There is a huge interest in creative technology training at the moment. Educators can see the opportunities to develop young people’s critical and problem solving skills. Using creative technology, educators can provide new learning opportunities for young people. They learn by doing, so allowing for playful and creative exploration, young people learn and develop skills while trying out a fun activity.”


Delivering creative technology training doesn’t come without its own set of challenges, and Paul explains that these can be particularly more challenging in rural areas across Ireland.


“Finding appropriate facilities to deliver training in rural areas can be challenging but there have been improvements in the venues in many rural areas with the likes of remote working hubs and local development organisations. Finding a central venue that allows people to attend easily can be difficult, in some counties you might have people travel for over an hour to get to the venue.”


In advance of training, participants receive a Kinia Kit. The equipment is supplied so attendees get a practical, hands-on learning experience, but also so it can continue to be used with young people long after the training sessions have taken place.


After training has been completed, Kinia provides ongoing support so all participants can feel confident and comfortable implementing the new skills they have learned with the young people that they work and interact with.


Marie Feeney is a Project Coordinator for Forum Connemara CLG Youth Service and Adolescent Support Project. Marie has taken part in Mobile Filmmaking, STEAM Circuits and Podcasting training with Kina. Marie explains how Creative Technology has been used in Connemara and across the islands.


“The training has been used to engage young people across Connemara and the islands. Example programmes include a joint project with local Gardaí using Mobile Filmmaking to help young people create relationships with the Gardaí, and it has been used to help with integration work with Ukranian young people. The technology helped remove language barriers and increase participation and engagement.”


Marie explains how the training received from Kinia has shaped the work they are doing within the organisation, and discusses the impact that has on everyone.


“The impact has been very positive, creative technology activities engage both boys and girls in youth services. Kinia training has been important in this as it’s the first time that creative technology work has been done in the organisation. It has helped staff develop transferable skills and the staff are looking into new opportunities. They are interested in playing with and finding ways of creating new projects based on the materials and activities they’ve already used.”


Paul Amond can see big changes with the organisations that get involved, and particularly with those who have been working with Kinia on a long term basis, he explains:


“Typically participants really enjoy our approach. The modules are structured to reflect how the activities should be facilitated with young people. I see changes in the organisations that get involved with training. Some youth organisations have been working with us for a long time and have really embedded creative technology in their practice. Others are only just getting started and it is really interesting to see how people adopt creative tech and use it as another string to their bow of youth work practice.”

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You can find out more about Kinia and Creative Ireland’s collaboration here.

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