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Culture and Creativity is at the heart of our community. The vision for County Carlow is to create a future with culture and creativity at the centre to drive and promote quality of life, happiness, health, wellbeing and economic prosperity through a people led programme that enables and entwines culture and creativity in everyday lives to the benefit of all. County Carlow culture and creativity team have developed the following specific values as outlined in our three year Culture and Creativity strategy;

• Accessibility and Inclusivity to ensure optimum participation that impacts all communities across County Carlow.
• Leadership, to ensure County Carlow is a thriving innovative place for culture and creativity to flourish,
• Openness, to ensure that there is a genuine open authentic approach taken in order for communities to reach their fullest potential.
• Collaboration, to ensure that there is meaningful collaboration and partnership created and empowered, to enable the sharing of knowledge and skills for transformative outcomes.
• Recognition, that culture and creativity are valued as vital resource and that the ambition of the strategic themes are shared, acknowledged and championed.

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Borris Lace by Post and Borris Lace Exchange

Borris Lace by Post Project

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Culture and Creativity Team

Sinéad Dowling

Creative Ireland Programme Coordinator and County Arts Officer


Aileen Nolan

Creative Communities Engagement Officer


Margaret Moore

Acting/Senior Executive Officer, Community Section,


John Shortall

County Librarian


Emma Lucy O’Brien

CEO VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art


Dermot Mulligan

Curator, County Carlow Museum


Pat Delaney

Head of Finance, I.T. & Culture


Eoin Sullivan

Heritage Officer


Our Strategy

County Carlow’s Culture and Creativity strategy builds on a legacy of over thirty years of pioneering cultural development within Carlow County Council. ...

The aim of this strategy is to add value to existing policies and plans to boost County Carlow’s significant cultural offering by supporting a more collaborative and joined up approach that will harness the potential of culture to support wider social, economic and community objectives. It will create opportunities for new ways of thinking and new ways of working to ensure that our vision to enable creativity in every community is fully realised. This strategy provides a unique opportunity for County Carlow to share our story of cultural transformation, resilience and innovation and its social, economic and community impact.


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