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Only Jealousy of Emer, 2017 (Ste Murray)

Dublin City

Culture is at the heart of Dublin’s identity and quality of life, its presence is central to making a vibrant city that is an appealing destination for local, national and international audiences to experience literature, music, dance, theatre, heritage and visual arts.

World-renowned for its captivating cultural heritage, UNESCO City of Literature status and home to many of Ireland’s national cultural institutions, offering ideas, inspiration and opportunities to connect with culture and creativity, Dublin’s unique and varied culture draws in local, national and international audiences to experience literature, poetry music, dance, theatre, heritage and visual arts.
Dublin City supports cultural participation and practice through partnerships and collaboration, through significant direct and indirect provision of cultural infrastructure across the City and its neighbourhoods. Dublin City’s Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Strategy is seeing the city and its citizens more connected than ever. The theme of ‘creative collaborations’ serves to develop and promote culture and creativity in Dublin City. It enables people to engage with creativity in their own communities and beyond.
Creating opportunities for children to engage in culture and creativity from the earlies t age is vital, not just for the child’s well-being and development but also as part of ensuring the sustainability of Dublin’s cultural wellbeing into the future. Through the lifetime of Dublin City’s Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Strategy support is provided for early years’ arts, visual arts programming and participatory festivals and events for children.
Programmes of city-wide impact as well as opportunities for local engagement are benefitting from the city's creative strategy from 14 Henrietta Street, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, home of the Francis Bacon Studio to Makerspaces, Creative Hubs and Culture Clubs, from writers in residence to open theatre and dance projects.

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Zoom@HughLane is a Dublin city-wide project, enabling the creative potential of children through the discovery and creation of art in Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. The children look at and discuss artwork on display in the Gallery and make their own art during an artist-led workshop arising from what the children have seen and talked about.

Zoom at Hugh Lane Gallery

Open Video

Culture and Creativity Team

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Mairead Owens

Dublin City Librarian, Creative Ireland Dublin City Team Lead


Brendan Teeling

Deputy City Librarian


Iseult Byrne

CEO, Dublin City Council Culture Company


Barbara Dawson

Director, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane


Charles Duggan

Dublin City Heritage Officer


Margaret Glupker

City Architect’s Department


Ruth Johnson

City Archaeologist


Grainne Kelly

Dublin City International Relations Office


Simon Clarke

Dublin City Events


Margarita Cappock

Asst. Arts Officer


Mary MacSweeney

Dublin City Local Enterprise Office


Miriam Flynn

Dublin City Community and Social Development


Jessica O'Donnell

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane


Ray Yeates

Creative Ireland Team Lead, Dublin City Arts Officer


Our Strategy

The ‘Dublin City Culture and Creativity Strategy 2018 – 2022’ identifies seven strategic priorities focusing on collaboration, engagement and participation. These priorities largely draw from Creative Ireland Programme Pillar 2 – Enabling Creativity in every Community, Pillar 1 – Enabling the Creative Potential of every child and Pillar 3 – Investing in our Creative and Cultural Heritage.