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1st May 2024
to 30th Sep 2024

Age Range
16-18 and/or 18+

Community Enterprise Centre, Cloughjordan

North Tipperary Green Enterprise Park
E53 VP86

Accepting Change and Changing Acceptance

How is it that some find peace, a sense of wholeness and purpose in radical acceptance of the world, reality, and life as it is? While others find their calling, and work for peace, in creating another world that’s only possible through action and change… Both play a central role in living meaningfully.

This project aims to weave together the voices of local activists and contemplatives in Cloughjordan and the surrounding region through thoughtful, heartfelt, audio experiences and dedicated events. Audio pieces will be created by interviewing activists focusing on ‘change’ in the world, and interviewing people dedicated to practices that focus on wellbeing through ‘acceptance’. Insights on both themes will be overlaid on musical tracks to create moving musical pieces to inspire your own enquiry into these themes. The project aims to promote empathy, cross-pollinate ideas, and inspire collaborative action with both of these communities, and of course be accessible to anyone that doesn’t think of themselves as part of either community.

The pieces will be available to listen to in September, at the Apple Festival in Cloughjordan, with specific details available closer to the time. There will be events held before then, themed for both activists and contemplatives, so if you consider yourself part of either or both groups and would like to attend or to participate in another way please email Project updates will be shared on Instagram @aaronoscarb

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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