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19th Jun 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range

Alt-Art Project The Collective Producers and Andy Parsons

The Collective Producers at The Dock working with youth artist in residency Andy Parsons will be developing a new project Alt-Art exploring how music, fashion, art, technology and popular culture from the past co-exist with and nourish culture made today. The Collective Producers at The Dock is a youth arts programme designed to encourage young people aged 14-19 years to engage with the arts so that they can develop a creative voice, be part of decision-making, a space for creative discovery, learn to collaborate, and form deeper connections within their place and communities.Looking at the cyclical and overlapping nature of culture, music and fashion the project will create a dynamic and interesting space where young people can explore identity, and experiment in different media and processes.

Many processes will be completely new to the participants, for example, 35mm slides and lithographic printing. In recent years there has been a resurgence in interest in technology that was once seen as obsolete, an example would be the extraordinary revival in vinyl recordings. This project will expand on that idea by allowing participants to ‘play’ with analogue equipment and processes and explore ways to integrate these with current digital technologies.

If you wish to sign up and want to know more about The Collective Producers, email Laura Mahon Visual Arts & Education Manager:

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