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25th Apr 2024

Age Range

Ionad Lachtain,

St. Lachtain's Church,
Arts and Heritage Centre,
R95 XA31

Feile Lachtain 2024, Singer Songwriter Jack McHugh In Concert

Féile Lachtain is a festival of arts, culture, history and heritage celebrating the vibrant cultural community of Freshford and its environs. 

The Spotlight Shines on St. Lachtain’s Church! 

As the third act of our enchanting Feile Lachtain 2024, we invite you to an evening where melodies intertwine with the arches of history at St. Lachtain’s Church.

 Jack McHugh: A Symphony of Stories  Kilkenny’s own, the illustrious Jack McHugh, steps into the limelight. His voice, a beacon of emotion; his words, a dance of poetry and truth. Prepare to be swept away by a performance that transcends the ordinary, as Jack’s acoustic serenade promises a journey through the very essence of the human spirit.  With a setlist crafted from the heart, Jack McHugh’s original compositions are a testament to his artistry. Each chord a confession, each verse a vision—his music is a canvas of sound, painted with the hues of life itself.

If you find yourself under the spell of Kilkenny’s charm, let the allure of Jack McHugh’s music be your guide. This is more than a concert—it’s an experience, a memory in the making, a moment where music and soul collide.

Craving a prelude to the night? Wander through the digital halls of YouTube and discover the world of Jack McHugh. Each song a story, each melody a moment.

Join the chorus of anticipation. Booking through link on our website and available on the door on the night

No equipment needed.

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