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How to be Happy and Content in your Life

“Happy people are not happy by chance, they make sacrifices.” John Lonergan, former Governor in Irish prison services, will present a talk on how to be content and happy in life. He will speak of the actions and decisions everyone can undertake if they want to be happy and content. Some of the choices raised in the talk are:

  • accepting our reality, 
  • the role of gratitude, 
  • forgiving ourselves and others, 
  • moving on and letting things go, 
  • surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel good about ourselves, 
  • minding ourselves and treating ourselves, being kind and generous to others, 
  • hobbies, and the importance of smiling. 
On the night we will be exploring our own journey of growth and change and how letting go we can redirect ourselves and efforts towards things that bring us joy, fulfilment and purpose. Letting go also helps us to let go of negative thoughts, emotions and patterns.

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