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1st Jun 2022
to 1st Jul 2022

Age Range
All ages

Motherhood: 2-Day Theatre Workshop

This is a two day theatre workshop involving storytelling and drama specifically for mothers: mothers from the Irish community, mothers who have moved here from abroad, including mothers from ethnic minority backgrounds living in the local community. The themes of motherhood and isolation will be explored in this workshop through storytelling and drama.

A group of mothers come together, are paired up, exchange stories. After, participants are asked to tell their partner’s stories in the first person to the entire group. This is a process of retelling another's story and is what allows the participant to understand another perspective and walk in each other’s shoes to create empathy. After the story exchange, participants work on performing their partner’s story as if it were their own on the stage (either for the story exchange group only or to an audience outside the group, the public-the group decides).

Story exchanges tap into the very human need for stories and creativity. They empower people to tell their stories. The true function of story exchanges is to connect us to one another and bring us alive in bodies not our own and to develop empathy for others. Stories have an innate power to create empathy. They can shatter stereotypes and break down barriers.

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