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6th Jul 2020
to 27th Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages

Mount Temple & Baylin - Creating the Voices of Generations Gone

Creating the Voices of Generations Gone is a three year project that aims to reignite and strengthen the value of cultural heritage in the community of Mount Temple / Baylin, Co. Westmeath. This application is second year, with the caveat that the original proposal for tour guide training has been amended to reflect the changing circumstances due to Covid 19 restrictions and opportunities therein.

With this information, the role of the visual artist will enable the formulation of a creative way to represent these objects and memories (individual or collective) in a way that is unique to the area and something that resonates with the community and the diaspora. The project will culminate in the production of a catalogue of objects, with accounts of the memories and possibly a postcard or visual heritage fingerprint of the area. It could also be used as a community mural or placed on ceramics. We are drawn towards the postcard as they could be sent to our diaspora to rekindle memories of Ireland.

The visual artist after engaging with the community will use her artistic skills in creating this digital image. The meeting will be advertised via social media platforms, including print and voice media. The advantage with Zoom type meetings will be that people don’t have to bring the objects to a certain place, this can be done in the comfort and security of their homes. It will also enable children to play a role in the process.

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