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6th May 2022
to 8th May 2022

Age Range
All ages

Ionad Pobail Dhún Lúiche

Muine Mór
Dún Lúiche
F92 PK22

Out of the West - Amach as an Iarthar

Donegal and in particular West Donegal has seen its fair share of seasonal migration workers and emigrants leave their homeland to eke out a living during the 19th & 20th centuries. For some this would be the first part of their migratory story. Some returned home with their much needed earnings while for others it was the means to bring them further afield in search of better work, better conditions and a better lifestyle. This practice is embedded in the psyche of most Donegal families and is a large part of their past culture, history and heritage. 

The event will involve a mix of academic speakers who will give the history and background to this migratory occurrence and the impacts this had on those involved, the rural Communities, the Irish Language and the Economy. There will be first hand accounts from those who left the area, each one having his or her own unique story to tell and each having a shared history. This event will capture the many stories relating to the people, their work / social  experiences, the places they migrated to, the type of work they carried out and how they were treated by their employers and indeed the towns and villages they went to. It will also capture first hand accounts from those who are still around to recount this practice and ensuring these stories are documented and  kept for future generations. The event will incorporate a local walk, traditional Irish music, song & dance and exhibition

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