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12th Jun 2023
to 7th Aug 2023

Age Range
9-12 and/or 13-18

Photography, Place and Identity- A Documentary Photography Workshop Cara Phort

This practical experiential creative workshop will explore photography as an exciting creative medium for engaging young people in their local community of Ballynacarrigy, Co. Westmeath. Photography can provide an amazing creative lens for young people to explore themselves and their world. Using the camera as a tool for self-exploration, a deeper understanding of their own identity and their place in the community will be achieved.

By exploring photography and creating their own images, young people contribute to the development of social and political sensibilities within the community in which the images are made. The high visual literacy that many young people already possess can be easily transferred to examining and/or creating photographs around a particular interest, theme or social issue.

This workshop provides ways to build a sense of community and belonging by supporting young people to share experiences with each other, build relationships and create something new together.

Emma O’Brien is the lead artist and organiser of the Project, she will work in partnership with Caraphort Family Resource Centre in Ballynacarrigy, Co. Westmeath

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