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20th May 2024

Age Range

Cashel Library

Friar Street
E25 K798

Sketchbook of Ireland Workshop

Maria Jordan-O’Reilly and Ani Morton from The Sketchbook Library of Ireland Project will join us to facilitate the exploration of this project and foster creativity. They will encourage participants to become involved to compile an archive of Irish creativity. 

Once finished the sketchbooks will be added to the permanent collection and archived in their physical and digital library, creating a time capsule of creativity. Sketchbooks can be a personal visual journal including sketching, painting, collage, cyanotypes, written pieces basically anything creative without using glitter. “The sketchbooks forming physical testimonies of lives lived, documented and shared “It’s not about being the best artist,” Maria says, “it’s about encouraging everybody to access that creativity. 

Please ring  Cashel Library on 062 63825 to book your place. 

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