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1st Aug 2021
to 31st Dec 2021

Age Range
All ages

Storytelling Supper

Irish travellers are one of the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in Ireland. This project will be a creative response to the challenges surrounding ‘traveler identity’ and a way of reconnecting communities and citizen engagement after the recent Covid pandemic . The term 'Cur Darekin ' is a traveller expression which means ' the art of conversation'. The context for this community project comes from the idea of exchanging a story for a meal , which was a familiar concept to the travelling community when on the road. The place of food in creating and exploring memories is of much importance in such a community . The vital engagement element in this project is the sharing of meals , stories , personal histories along with cultural identity.The anticipated and desired outcome of this project would be to establish group interest in organising a ‘storytelling supper ’ Also to identify individuals committed to working on a publication of heritage/ family recipes collected during the project.

It will be of high importance to establish trust and a good rapport in order to build on collaborative working relationships . A projected outcome of the first phase of workshops would be the development of a strategic partnership going forward and a representation of Irish travellers culture and identity in the local creative community .The core aim of this project is to open up a conversation around cultural values, identity and preservation of traditions.

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