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Roll out of 31 new Local Authority Creative Ireland Culture & Creativity Strategies (2023-2027) at an event at Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park. Photo: Barry Cronin


31 Local Authorities commit to new Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Strategies

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31 Local Authorities commit to new Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Strategies

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31 Local Authorities commit to new Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Strategies

Today (23rd February 2023) Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media Catherine Martin TD and Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government and Planning Kieran O’Donnell TD announced the roll out of 31 new Local Authority Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Strategies (2023-2027) at an event at Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park.

The announcement was supported by a key note speech from the historian Myles Dungan and a performance from Ukrainian singer Maryna Odolska.

Local Authority Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Strategies

– €29,891,573.00 allocated to Local Authority Creative Ireland projects since 2017
– €161,161.00 to be allocated to each county for 2023 Creative Ireland initiatives (€236,161.00 for the four Dublin authorities)
– New strategies reflect community concerns around climate change, accessibility and the Irish language

The new strategies reflect the creative ambitions of communities around the country which will be supported by the Creative Ireland Programme 2023-2027. There will be a greater focus on health and wellbeing, creative industries, climate action, the development of the Irish language and social sustainability. Priority will also be given to develop creative opportunities for marginalised communities and those at risk of disadvantage.

Last year the local authority Culture and Creativity teams reviewed the original strategies that were devised in 2017 and made changes that reflected the evolving priorities of their communities. Each team incorporated contributions from community stakeholders that will encourage people to engage, participate and enable their creative potential.

In 2017, the Creative Ireland Programme outlined a commitment to provide everyone in Ireland the opportunity to realise their full creative potential. To realise this ambition each local authority devised a Culture and Creativity strategy that was specifically developed to meet the needs of their communities. These strategies were devised by Culture and Creativity teams that included arts officers, heritage officers, librarians, museums and gallery curators and led by a local Creative Ireland Coordinator.

Commenting on the work undertaken by the 31 local authority Culture and Creativity teams Minister Catherine Martin said: 

“Your teams are the key strength of the Creative Communities initiative and the engine that drives our collective efforts. The agility of the local authority teams has facilitated a collaborative and flexible approach to reshaping how creativity and culture is valued within and across local authorities. Through the Creative Ireland Programme, my Department will continue to work with collaborators across Government to activate the power of creativity in every community.”

Between 2017-22 Creative Ireland allocated €29.8 million to support thousands of local authority initiatives that have unlocked a national ecosystem of creativity. The 31 local authority Culture and Creative Strategies have been key to the successful delivery of creative opportunities directly into communities. This year Ministers Martin and O’Donnell announced funding of €6.1 million for the 2023 Creative Ireland Programme Creative Communities initiative.

Reiterating Minister Martin’s praise, Minister of State Kieran O’Donnell TD said:

I would like to sincerely thank all of the Culture and Creativity teams in our Local Authorities who have been working hard in recent months to drive the key ambitions in the Creative Ireland programme. I look forward as the new Minister of State for Local Government to travelling around the country to each of our Local Authorities  to see the ambitious plans they have to promote creativity. The power of culture cannot be overestimated; arts and culture can open our minds, enliven our communities and enrich everyone’s lives,” he concluded.

Above: Ministers Martin and O'Donnell. Photo: Barry Cronin.

The Creative Ireland Programme led by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media is designed to promote creativity as a strategy for wellbeing, social cohesion, and economic success. Its core proposition is that participation in cultural and creative activity promotes individual, community and national wellbeing. The Programme therefore provides a framework where people in Ireland can realise their full creative potential, by encouraging, facilitating and supporting collaboration. To this end, the Department strives through Creative Ireland to promote understanding and appreciation of the value of creativity in all its forms, and embed creativity across public policy. Since 2018 the 31 local authorities have delivered more than 7,500 creative initiatives.

Highlights include:

Borris Lace by Post – This heritage craft project focused on the traditional craft of Borris Lace, the community were invited to participate in the project by signing up to receive a monthly Borris Lace Pack. The project culminated in an exhibition and film screening at Borris House.

Reimagine Letterkenny was an innovative pedestrian ‘cultural corridor’ reimagined in collaboration with the Irish Architecture Foundation, and now part of the Letterkenny 2040 regeneration plan.

dlr Scéal Trails – The first of its kind in a public library setting in Ireland, dlr Scéal Trails are story walks for everyone to read and enjoy in an outdoor setting. The aim is to promote and encourage reading in an outdoor setting, outside of the classroom or library space. They promote Irish authors and illustrators and encourage intergenerational engagement where parents, grandparents, families and friends can engage together with a book.

For more information about Creative Ireland’s programme of Creative Communities initiatives please see the Creative Communities page.

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