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Creative Clusters Scheme


Creative Clusters scheme brings schools a new kind of lesson

Participating schools in this new pilot will help students learn through a lens of culture and creativity.

Thousands of students in schools across the country will have the opportunity to explore learning through cultural and creative activities as part of a new Creative Clusters scheme announced by Richard Bruton, Minister for Education and Skills.

73 schools will participate in the new pilot initiative, which is led by the Department of Education and Skills, and forms part of our ambitious Creative Youth plan to enable the creativity of our children and young people.

Each school will enjoy access to a specialist facilitator, artist or creative expertise in whatever their own chosen area of interest or theme might be. These resources will help the schools build a programme of learning and activities tailor-made for their students. In addition, every school will be given €2,500 to help bring their plans and ideas to life.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Creative Clusters scheme is the range of activities and the different approaches being taken by each of the schools. ‘Life – the Drama of it’ is the inspiration for Donegal, where five schools are developing a plan based on the idea that drama can enable children to develop resilience and self-confidence.

In Clare, students from five schools are using recyclable materials to investigate, design and test scientific problems. While in Kerry, a group of primary schools will use a range of arts activities in their day-to-day lessons, drawing on their imagination and innate talents to help develop the full scope of their multiple intelligences including visual, auditory and linguistic.

Click here to see the list of participating schools.

Creative Clusters is a pilot initiative of the Department of Education and Skills, led by and in partnership with the Association of Teacher Education Centres Ireland (ATECI).

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