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Digital Creative Industries Roadmap

The development of a Roadmap for the Digital Creative Industries was identified as a key deliverable to diversify our enterprise base ensuring the Irish economy is more resilient and adaptable. The Roadmap will define the creative industries in Ireland as Industries and occupations which utilise creativity as a means to deliver commercial success and employment.

These industries encompass a wide range of sectors, and this Roadmap is expected to concentrate efforts on

  • design-based (i.e., industrial design, product design, web design and visual communications, Ui/Ux (User-interface/User-experience) design and software design, service design, and strategic design),
  • digital creative (i.e., games sector, and the post-production/visual effects (VFX) which supports the audio-visual sector, but is also an export service in its own right), and
  • content creation industries (i.e., advertising and brand development, but also including new content for commercial social media uses, online distribution and mobile applications (‘apps’) as well as content for new platforms such as AR/VR/XR Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality).

The Creative Ireland Programme has been working to finalise this Roadmap in conjunction with a number of different Government Departments.  In addition, over a hundred meetings were held with academics, small businesses, industry representatives, as well as with EU officials.

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