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Picture: Patrick Browne


Focus Ireland Garden, Education & Creative Arts Project

The PETE (Preparation for Education Training & Employment), Focus Ireland Garden, Education & Creative Arts Project was based upon the concept of Focus Ireland's customer appreciation policy. From the outset this project was about Community, Creativity, Co-operation & Collaboration

In the very beginning Focus Ireland customers and residents of Parliament Street apartments were contacted in relation to the project. Residents were asked to become involved in the project and it spread to Focus Ireland’s PETE customers.

They undertook a general learning course in conjunction with a gardening course and a creative arts course through the services of PETE, Focus Ireland, Waterford.

The project was documented from beginning to end outlining the vast amount of work involved from preparation, planning, practical work and supplementary work to enrich the project.

Local businesses were contacted to create awareness about the project and the team experienced great goodwill from donations of materials to practical advice and support.

Local enterprises such as Renew, Treo Port Láirge became involved in the project from beginning to end, designing and making upcycled garden furniture and creative installations for the project.

PETE customers worked with local artists and gardeners to create a unique space for Focus Ireland customers, staff and visitors to enjoy. As a result of the success of this project the team was asked to take on the transformation of more gardens for Focus Ireland customers. It is hoped that this team can move forward in the community and forge links with Age Action Ireland groups such as Care & Repair to share their skills, knowledge and experience whilst contributing to the local community.

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