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‘Head in The Clouds’

Lumen’s goal is to enrich the cultural landscape of Limerick and the wider region. As a Street Theatre Company drawing on the rich and influential tradition of Limerick City’s previous street theatre forays, Lumen seeks to engage with the public by presenting scenes and performances that are visually spectacular, distinctive and inspiring within the setting of Limerick’s Urban Landscape.

Lumen desires to revitalise the arts in the local community by engaging with communities to collectively create their art through artistic outreach programs, workshops and community participation, and to present the finest of street art and theatre at both a National and International standard. In 2019 funded by Creative Ireland, and as part of the three day St. Patrick’s Festival in Limerick, Lumen Street Theatre Company presented ‘Head in The Clouds’

From dreams and flights of the imagination come the realisation of human endeavour

The theme for the 2019 St. Patrick’s Day parade was One Giant Leap marking the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.  It also reflects the massive and dynamic revitalisation of Limerick over the past number of years. Inspired by The moon and man’s fascination and nightly inspiration Lumen Street Theatre set out to create fantastic inventions and flights of fancy; such as a Leonardo winged glider, a Victorian hot air balloon and a lunar rover who weave and dance among the stars as part of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Limerick. The Community Groups involved in creating these magical and colourful spectacle pieces were;

  • Limerick Youth Theatre
  • The Project School
  • West End Youth Centre
  • South Hill Knitters Resource Centre
  • The Men’s Shed
  • St Saviours Community Group

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