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Imaginative Springs

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Imaginative Springs

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Imaginative Springs

A cross border poetry collaboration presented by Seamus Heaney HomePlace and Yeats Society Sligo.

Imaginative Springs is series of events which sets out to use the power and voices of poetry to cement our shared cross-border connections. Such poetry has grappled with the challenges and connections of these places, which already share a rich mutual history and heritage. Together, through these events, we can explore this rich cultural legacy and help to identify a new shared understanding.

A stellar line up includes Victoria Kennefick, Stephen Sexton, Kevin Power and Gail McConnell. They have together chosen some poetry written by our two great Nobel poets WB Yeats and Seamus Heaney which we will share and discuss with members of the public on both sides of the border.


These conversations and the readings of the poems by two great actors Bríd Brennan and Bob Kelly will help to define the connections between our communities and to understand the value and strength that these connections bring. Poetry speaks to people in different ways, but can also be a calmer, more intimate way of creating and nurturing conversation.

Tuesday 25th October – Discussion on Seamus Heaney with Stephen Sexton and Gail McConnell – via Zoom

Wednesday 26th October – Discussion on WB Yeats with Victoria Kennefick and Kevin Power – via Zoom

Friday 28th October – live readings in Seamus Heaney HomePlace and Yeats Society Sligo

The board and management of Seamus Heaney HomePlace and Yeats Society Sligo commit to building a cultural community, which will flow from these events and encourage annual or biannual exchange on a number of suitable topics.

For more information and bookings please go to

Yeats Society

Seamus Heaney Home

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