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Ireland’s Native Trees

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Ireland’s Native Trees

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Ireland’s Native Trees

Within these magnificent short videos, 10 species of Irish native tree are explored, describing their place in our landscape, identification and what they do for us in terms of biodiversity supports. All filmed and narrated to express their beauty and grace in high definition.

Under the expert and creative eyes of Aengus Kennedy from NatureNorthWest and Charlie Doherty of Charlie Joe Films, this project concentrated on some of the most common and significant natural heritage species in Donegal – our native trees.

The aim of the project was to create an educational resource for the public, community groups and schools around our native trees. Until this point there was very little filmed information around our native tree species. This project allows groups to access knowledge about essential species that grow in so many settings all around the county and country, in easy bite-size packages that are loaded with engaging facts.  Identification, biodiversity potential, biodiversity services and its place in Donegal and Irish heritage will all be discussed and explored. Perfect fuel for the imagination as well as practical information to help educate, change mindsets and spark an interest in local natural heritage.

In each movie, you’ll learn how to identify the tree, what role the tree plays in supporting biodiversity and what the tree does for us – eco-system services. The movies are for anyone with an interest in Ireland’s native trees to learn how to identify them and on their importance in the Irish landscape. The movie is shot by Charlie Joe Gallagher in the wonderful Glenveagh National Park and narrated by Aengus Kennedy of NatureNorthWest who includes the human connection to each species. For example, in episode 10 on the Common Ash he refers to the old rhyme:

“If the Ash comes out before the Oak, we’re in for a soak,

If the Oak comes out before the Ash, we’re in for a splash”

This project was supported under Donegal’s Culture and Creativity Grant Scheme with a view to capturing information about our native trees, associated biodiversity, and relaying that information in a creative, accessible and engaging way.

View all 10 episodes below:

Episode 1 – Oak Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 1 OAK – YouTube

Episode 2 – Scots Pine Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 2 SCOTS PINE – YouTube

Episode 3 – Wych Elm Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 3 WYCH ELM – YouTube

Episode 4 – Birch Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 4 BIRCH – YouTube

Episode 5 – Rowan Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 5 ROWAN – YouTube

Episode 6 – Aspen Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 6 ASPEN – YouTube

Episode 7 – Hazel Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 7 HAZEL – YouTube

Episode 8 – Holly Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 8 HOLLY – YouTube

Episode 9 – Alder Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 9 ALDER – YouTube

Episode 10 – Common Ash Ireland’s Native Trees – EPISODE 10 COMMON ASH – YouTube

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