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Grandmother Monica Dunne from Kilkenny City with granddaughter Lucy Hayes 9 years as they launch the Kilkenny Arts Office ‘Knitted Together 3’ project


Knitted Together 2022

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Knitted Together 2022

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Knitted Together 2022

Kilkenny County Council Arts Office is delivering the Knitted Together project enabling us to work with a diverse range of groups and individuals across the county and beyond, focussing on the older generations.

Groups and individuals are knitting and crocheting ‘granny squares’ resulting in the creation of a number of beautifully crafted and colourful blankets and other textile pieces. 2022 is a natural progression and development of our 2020 & 2021 Knitted Together projects. Both of which were very successful and engaged with over 400 groups and individuals from the older generation across the county and beyond.

2022 is particularly special, as our opportunity to bring participants together, further enhancing community participation & inclusion has been elevated, as it is the first year of the project where groups and individuals can gather together to knit and crochet without restriction. We currently have seven Knitted Together Maker Meet Up sessions running across the county. These sessions are designed to support and encourage participants involved in the project and to ensure that they get to socialise, to exchange skills and ideas and enjoy creating together.

2022 has also provided us with the opportunity to evolve and progress the previous projects by including an intergenerational aspect and the inclusion of Men’s Sheds.

The men are creating beautiful wooden stools which will be complemented by crocheted & knitted cushions & covers. On completion these stunning stools, cushions and blankets will be exhibited as part of Culture Night and distributed to various charity shops in Kilkenny to raise funds for the respective charities.

We have partnered with Kilkenny Education Centre enabling us to provide the necessary training for teachers. These skills are now being passed on to the children in their schools and many of the children are knitting at home with their parents and grandparents, some are even teaching their mothers to knit. Knitting and crochet supports the development of a wide variety of skills including concentration, numeracy and fine motor skills and manual dexterity

The activity of making is the constant in this project, the foundation from which many positive factors will emerge supporting positive ageing by creating social connections, skill exchanges, positive reinforcements and friendships. Whilst there will be joy and appreciation for the finished items, the emphasis and benefits lie in the process.

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