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New photo book documents Roscommon’s rich Mosaic Tradition

4 min read

New photo book documents Roscommon’s rich Mosaic Tradition

4 min read


New photo book documents Roscommon’s rich Mosaic Tradition

With funding given from Creative Ireland’s Open Call in Roscommon, artist Laura Earley has created and designed a documentary photo-book, ‘Roscommon’s Mosaic Tradition - Geometric and Artistic Mosaics in the North-West’, exploring the practice of mosaics throughout Co.Roscommon and surrounding counties.

The artistic photo-book contains an array of documentary photographs, introductory text by writer Tom Roseingrave, archival documents kindly donated by Roscommon County Library and old photographs from local people who were involved in this trade.


‘Roscommon’s Mosaic Tradition’ is a follow up to the artist’s 2018 work, in which Laura Earley created a photo-book titled ​‘Artistic Mosaics in the West of Ireland’. The photo-book explored mosaic shop fronts located around Co Roscommon and neighbouring counties. Photographs were produced and interviews with locals were conducted for the purpose of the photo-book. The book was printed and exhibited in a photo-book exhibition at the N.C.A.D Gallery. After producing this body of work the artist realised the potential of this project.

The images in “Roscommon’s Mosaic Tradition” combined with Roseingrave’s essay pieces inform the reader about the history and origins of the mosaic designs and highlight this part of local history. Based on Roscommon’s heritage, it records, through lens based media, the mosaic shop fronts around Co Roscommon and neighbouring counties. Informing locals about the story and history of this trade. It acknowledges and appreciates the work of those who were involved in this industry in Co Roscommon – in particular Luciano Di Paulo, Sergio Benedetti and John Crean – and serves to highlight how County Roscommon was one of the only counties in Ireland (aside from a small business in the North of Ireland) that produced ‘Artists Mosaics’ between 1940 up until the year 2000.

This photobook is a record of my research and photography of these mosaics. My only hope is that these unique geometric and artistic designs will be protected and preserved for many years to come so that future generations can witness and appreciate their beauty.” Laura Earley

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