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Tipperary social inclusion & well-being activities

In Autumn 2023, Tipperary Creative Ireland office programmed creative activities to support wellbeing and social involvement in the towns of Clonmel, Nenagh and Borrisokane. Social prescribing involves supporting adults to connect with community groups, services, clubs and activities to help improve a person’s general health and wellbeing.

In Clonmel, a series of four creative writing workshops took place between September and October at the Clonmel Family Resource Centre facilitated by Margaret Galvin. Margaret Galvin is a native of Cahir, Co. Tipperary and holds a BA in Social Care and an MA in Child, Youth and Family Studies. She has a particular interest in fostering and encouraging creative writing ability in community/care situations. Across the four workshops 19 participants attended, the core group who attended each session really enjoyed the experience and they produced a body of work over that time which will be displayed in the centre in December as a small celebratory event to mark the achievement in addition to work completed on another art project.

In addition, a series of Arts and Crafts Workshops took place between September and October at Clonmel Library and Clonmel Family Resource Centre. Participants attended an Arts & Crafts workshop with Paulette O’Donovan at Clonmel Library resulting in a textured art-work. Rikey Howe an experienced arts and crafts practitioner hosted three separate workshops which included Decopatch which is decorative papercraft. 41 participants took part across the four workshops.

60 individuals attended the From Out the Land production on Tuesday 6th September. This production was a large-scale, site-specific theatre production commemorating Kickham Barracks, the Irish Defence Forces and their role in international peace-keeping with the United Nations.  There was fantastic feedback from the attendees who enjoyed the production which has such resonance for Clonmel locals.

“It’s simple, now I know at home I will pick up a paint brush when I am feeling down. Made me believe I am good at art. Made me happy when I paint, very good for wellbeing.”

“It gave me a sense of being, and calm. Couldn’t wait for Thursday mornings.”

In Nenagh, 6 Mapping workshops took place from between September and October at Nenagh Arts Centre facilitated by Kay O’Donoghue. Kay is a mixed-media artist and qualified arts facilitator who has just completed a 2-year MA in Arts and Engagement with MTU Cork. Each session began with a short grounding mindful meditation to help bring awareness to the self and to cultivate appropriate energy for the main activity. At each session, check-ins were recorded pre- and post-activity for comparison using an exercise called the magic box. During each session, participants were invited to use the materials instinctively, adding layers of colour, text, marks, or any other technique that felt true without any conscious reasoning. Over 90 attended throughout the 6 week course.

As a number of those registered for Social Prescribing were living in the Borrisokane area we arranged for a series of 4 painting workshops to be held at the Art workshops at Art D Studio & Gallery. Over 15 attended the sessions with fantastic artworks created, participants really enjoyed the sessions and were surprised at their progress in a short period of time.

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