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Where Three Waters Meet: Short Stories Podcast

A collection of short stories set in County Wexford and recorded as a podcast series titled ‘Where Three Waters Meet’ by writer Sylvia Cullen has just been launched.

This project, funded and supported by Wexford County Council in partnership with Creative Ireland, is based around the theme of survival. Each of the four pieces explores a different aspect of what it can mean to survive in dire circumstances, with characters facing traumatic choices and having to dig deep to find ways to endure.

The phrase ‘where three waters meet’ signifies the best place to draw water from, when seeking a cure for any disease that weakens or wastes the body. Writer Sylvia Cullen commented: “I am really delighted to have had the opportunity to create this new body of work. Stories may not provide a cure, but they can offer badly-needed sustenance for the imagination.”

The series was conceived in response to the Covid pandemic, drawing on Wexford’s past, in order to illuminate our present. Each of the stories takes place in a different location across the county and they are all read by the author.

County Librarian and Wexford Creative Ireland Co-Ordinator Eileen Morrissey commented: “We are delighted to see the launch of Where Three Waters Meet. Sylvia was one of nine creatives who were the recipients of bursaries that spoke to the themes of place, heritage and wellbeing. The stories that Sylvia has written are beautifully crafted and allow us to reflect on adversity, endurance and resilience. Reading has been a haven for many people during this pandemic and I encourage everyone to listen to and enjoy Where Three Waters Meet through the podcast.”

To access these podcasts and for upcoming new stories please click here.

This series of podcasts are also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

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