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Paula O’Sullivan Story Exchange Facilitator

Narrative 4 The Empathy

Narrative 4 The Empathy Project

The idea behind Narrative 4’s Empathy Project is a compelling one. Through the simple act of exchanging personal stories we develop understanding and empathy.

Narrative 4 was established  by Irish writer Colum McCann and is now operational in 12 countries.  The programme is rooted in the practice of story exchange where trained facilitators work with young people to use their own stories to build empathy, shatter stereotypes and break down barriers.

Narrative 4 The Empathy Project

Paula O’Sullivan, Story Exchange Facilitator

"I noticed that my students have a great online presence but maybe when it comes to face-to face connections they need a little help. The Story Exchange allows them to make those connections, walk in other people’s shoes for a while and come out of it with a great sense of connection and empathy"

From  September 2018 – September 2019  Creative Ireland supported the development of this extraordinary initiative in Limerick when they trained 46 teachers and 36 youth workers to be able to facilitate Story Exchange workshops in schools and other settings. By the end of 2019  over 5,000 students in the Mid West will have benefitted from  this community building and well-being initiative.

Narrative 4 The Empathy Project

The Empathy Project at Narrative 4 Ireland

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